Summer 2021


Each team plays every night.  Each team will play all other teams twice. 

Standings are determined by win/loss/tie record,

head to head tiebreaker, and total goals scored. 

Each session is 75 mins.  45 mins of skill development drills +

30 mins of 3 on 3 cross ice games. 

Players "represent" countries apart of the IIHF.


GROUP A: 2010-2012
Coach Braxton Coach Keegan Coach Kevin Coach Pavel Coach Stormer Coach Blake/Carson
Clare Barber Aly Anthon Boston Adler Sam Appleton Vinnie Brown Lauren Barrett
Maggie Colletti Carys Benedict Reilly Caughlin Ivy Hare Liam Caughlin Quinn Burgard
Sean Gruenloh Marian Carroll Logan Knaack Britta Hurd Braedon Harrison Zach Breunig
Calvin Kunde Gauge Courtier Elenaor Porter Ryder Maier Henrik Hurd Forrest Derlein
Calder Schakelman Jake Ellefson Annika Rollman Mario Melone Izzy Laufenberg Ryan Gruetzmacher
Brooke Schmidtke Zachary Feken Kelton Royster Maxwell Mueller Hayden Maier Brady McGuire
Wesley Statz Parker Johanns Eli Swenson Grace O'Connell Ryan Saltzberry Vance Millin
Harris V-D-K Shae Idzi Vyvienne Tomlin Zygris Welch Tavin Schill Brenden Steinhorst
Andrew Zander Kensie Petrick Tate Westphal     Dylan Swenson

4 Spots Left in Group A, Email to sign up!!


Group B: 2009-2007
Belarus Belgium Czech Republic Italy Slovakia Switzerland
Coach Blake/Carson Coach Pavel Coach Keegan Coach Braxton Coach Kevin Coach Stormer
Calvin Behnke Brady Behnke Ben Anderson Liam Bisco Trevor Day Nathan Hansen
Brooks Bowers Owen Benedict Brenden Barrett Vaughn Burgard Kade Dunlap Penny Loeffelholz
Logan Breunig George Colletti Spencer Chrisinger Slater Denu Theodore Hankes Teddy Loeffelholz
Charlie Colletti Jean-Luc Idzi Dawson Dargenio Macy Dull Trevor Leuch Andrew Mussallem
Sawyer Guenther Owen Porter Nick Rupert Caleb Herbrand Jackson Rentmeister Lili Peekna
Henry Hankes Connor Rollman Kensie Schakelman Brock Robbins Nicholas Rentmeister Jack Pieton
Theran Schmidle Marek Volk Owen Schramm Austin Smith Lucas Werner Liesel Rettig
Ryan Zander Cyril Welch Kensie Schakelman Nash Tomblin Steven Werner Emma Wipperfurth
  Jacob Wiegmann Zoe Simon      

Game Schedule

Session 1: Group A ONLY

5:00-5:45pm - Skill Development

5:45-6:15pm - 3v3

Session 2: Two Group A + 2 Group B

6:30pm-7:15pm - Skill Development

7:15pm-7:45pm - 3v3, Group A (East rink) + Group B (West Rink)

Session 3:  Group B ONLY

8:00-8:45pm - Skill Development

8:45-9:15pm - 3v3

Group A: 2 Spots Remaining, Email to sign up!

Group B Full - Add your player to the waiting list Here!       


New Format!  Register for sessions 1 at a time, or 5 at a time.

Sessions run April 6th - August 16

U6 - starting 6/14 5:00-6:00pm

U8 - starting 6/14 6:00-7:00pm

Groups based off 2020-21 age classification.

Limit 20 per group per session

5 sessions - $90

1 session - $20

Skill development and small area games to keep mite aged kids on

the ice during the spring and summer, but only once a week so they can

participate in other sports or activities.

Coaches include current and former High School players,

and other Ice Pond Hockey Academy Staff.

Register Here!!

Summer Punch Card

You choose the dates that work for you!!!

50 Minute sessions throughout the summer.  Sessions

focus on skill development and fun!!!

Group 1: 2015-2016

Group 2: 2013-2014

Group 3: 2011-2012

$150 - 10 Sessions

$80 - 5 Sessions

$20 - A la Carte

Register Today!


June 14 - August 11

Monday & Wednesday

3:30pm - 4:45pm - On ice skill development

5:00pm - 6:00pm - Off ice training

2008 - 2003 Birth Years



On-Ice Skill Development featuring high school coaches

and profession players. Stations to hone in on fundamental

skills like stickhandling, passing, and shooting. 

Flow and high tempo drills to incorporate those skills

into game-like situations and scenarios.

Coaches will work to develop ice awareness,

vision, timing, and fundamentals. 

Small area games will work to develop puck support,

ice awareness, and playing in front of the net.

Off-Ice Training will again be provided by

Total Athlete Performance (TAP). 

The girls will work on quick twitch muscle development,

agility, explosiveness, and speed. Core strength and a

foundational leg strength will also be developed

through strength training exercises.



On-Ice sessions will focus on skill development,

hockey sense, read and react situations,

and feature guest instructors from

the AHL, NCAA, Junior, and HS ranks. 

Off-ice Training is provided by TAP. 

TAP has experience training NCAA Division 1

hockey players, USHL players, and NHL players.

June 22 - August 19 (No Camp 7/1 & 7/6)

Tuesday & Thursday Morning

$600/skater, $300/goalie

Friday A La Carte - $20/day players can come for a 1 hour on-ice session

that focuses on fundamental skill development and game-like sitatutions in

small areas. 11am-12:00pm.  Limited to first 20 players.

Group 1:

9:15am-10:30am On-Ice Skill Development

10:45am - 11:45am Off - Ice Training

Group 2:

9:15am - 10:15am Off - Ice Training

10:45am - 12:00pm On - Ice Skill Development

*Players will be assigned groups.*


Registration Deadline is May 31st


For questions regarding any of the Ice Pond Hockey Academy programs

contact Kevin Stormer.